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Performance nutrition for the endurance athlete.
Salty Beets™

Everything you need to get that PR in a delicious drink mix.

VO2 Max Booster, Electrolytes, Lactic Acid Inhibitor, and fast-acting Energy.

Grandma was right.
Eat your beets.

we just made it easy
V02 Max Booster

Beet Root Powder increases nitric oxide production which dilates blood vessels and improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscles.

Theobromine acts as a vasodilator and bronchodilator. This improves circulation, relaxes airways, and makes hard efforts easier. It is also used as a caffeine alternative to enhance focus and mental energy.

Lactic Acid Inhibitor

Beta Alanine raises carnosine levels and increases time to exhaustion by buffering intracellular pH levels


Dextrose is quickly digested, giving you energy now, not later. It's also easier on the stomach than other sugars. 20 grams per serving keep you going strong on those long days.


A complete blend of electrolytes to help replace what is lost through sweat.

Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, & Calcium

Boosting is easy
How do I take Salty Beets?

Mix with water or your favorite juice 30 minutes before exercise.

Take every hour after for up to 4 total scoops per workout.

Salty Beets is a pre-workout and workout drink. You take it before exercise to give your body time to convert the beetroot powder into NO2, and for the theobromine and carbohydrates to kick in.

Studies show carnosine levels take time to build up from beta-alanine supplementation and require 4+ weeks to reach maximal levels. In other words, use this as a regular training drink for several months to maximize beta-alanine benefits.

Note: NO2 production after taking beetroot powder peaks around 1-2 hours. If your exercise is short, <30 minutes, and you want max benefits during that period, take Salty Beets 1 hour before exercising.

Salty Beets FAQs

We remember our first experience as well... It can be a little unnerving. Red poop is normal after eating beetroot powder. Some people also experience red stools when eating fresh beets; though, it's more common with beetroot powders because the elimination of water allows us to concentrate lots of beet goodness into a relatively small amount of powder. It's normal and nothing to worry about.

We purposely used an amount of Beta-Alanine that will provide lactic acid inhibition, but won't cause tingling for most people. If you're on the lighter side (lucky you!) you might notice it a little. It's perfectly fine.

Want to learn more? Here's some really cool studies and more info about the benefits of beta-alanine from Healthline.

Like ambrosia and nectar. Or, at least we think it does. It's a raspberry flavor that mixes really well with any liquid. It also makes a great frozen smoothie. Add Salty Beets to some ice, milk, and strawberries for a delicious pre-workout drink.

You bet. We're confident you'll love our science-backed, race-proven formulations. But, if not, no hard feelings. Return it within 30 days for a full refund. Email us at to get started.

Not at this time, but we want to! Shoot us an email with your interest level and location, and we might be able to work something out.